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Tulipa Estella Rijnveld

Tulipomania Exhibition
Madrid Botanical Gardens
20th March to 20th May 2018

This is a new and exciting venture for the SBA. This photo shows one of the art works I produced for the exhibition. It is 'Tulipa Estella Rijnveld', the second tulip I selected to paint was Tulipa 'Peaches and Cream'. Every one in the SBA who decided to take part in the exhibition chose which tulips to grow. It was coordinated so we all were painting different tulips. I grew the tulips in pots in the garden and was worried they would not grow or something would eat them. I protected them from all bugs and slugs as best as I could. They turned out to look nothing like the picture on the packet, but they were lovely colours and I was happy to paint them.


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